What is Cellulite & How do I Eliminate it?

ThighCellulite! We all know what it looks like. It’s those unsightly dimpled deposits typically found on the thighs, buttocks or back of the arms.

Cellulite is a condition that develops more commonly in women than men for some very specific reasons. One component to cellulite is FAT, but it is only part of the story. Fibrous connective tissue adheres skin to the muscle beneath it, and the arrangement of this is different in women than men. Plus, men’s skin is usually thicker thus the appearance of cellulite is much more prevalent in women than men – about a 90-10 ratio!

All women are susceptible to cellulite regardless of weight or size. Connective tissue contracts and stiffens with age and this will tighten or pull down the skin causing the fat cells to push out against the skin.

Some researchers and skin care professionals link cellulite not only to fat cells, but also the buildup of toxins and trapped fluid (water) in the tissue. Poor diet, smoking, sluggish lymphatics, hormones, and not drinking enough water may all play a part in this condition. Whatever the causes, the big question is always what can I do to get rid of it?!

There is no actual cure for cellulite according to many physicians such as Dr. Michael F. McGuire, professor at David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. However, from my more than 30 years’ experience working on this issue for others and myself, I’ve found you can greatly improve the appearance, so much so that it is diminished and no longer visible at the surface.

Four Components to Minimizing Cellulite

  • Increase Circulation
  • Flush Toxins
  • Strengthen Collagen
  • Reduce Fat

These components address the two common types of cellulite conditions: the dimpled, fluffy appearance and the orange peel texture visible when skin is squeezed. The following system incorporates each of the cellulite minimizing components to retexturize, smooth and firm the skin.


Synergizing to resurface and smooth skin, Rhonda Allison’s Three-Step Cellulite Reduction System is a sophisticated body trio designed specifically to work together to reduce the effects of cellulite – providing the most advanced skincare for the entire body. Recommended for daily use, this unique system may also be used with a weekly or bi-weekly home wrap treatment for enhanced results.

Bamboo ScrubStep 1. Exfoliate
Stimulation and Exfoliation

Bamboo Scrub – Our pearl powder scrub is designed to remove dead skin cells and give skin a polished glow. The trick to using this successfully is to apply to dry skin and work in vigorously for approximately 3 minutes. The “dry rub” will work the natural beads into the skin and increase circulation. Skin will become very pink doing it this way. Following the scrub step into a hot shower and rinse. Dry completely with towel in circular motion.

Ultra Exfole’ – Another exfoliating option is our supercharged body peel. This is applied after a heated shower or bath and skin is completely dry and warm. Work the serum (wear gloves, it will peel your hands) into skin and let absorb. This will renew and stimulate collagen production at a deeper level by increasing epidermal cell turnover.

Energizing Peptide SpritzStep 2. Spritz
Increase Circulation & Flush Water & Toxins

Energizing Peptide Spritz – Our amazing liquid renew serum awakens skin and adds supportive elements for body tissue. The blend of peptides, goji berry extract and coffee Arabica synergize to retexture the skin leaving it silky and fresh.

Bio Reform 28Step 3. Cream
Strengthen & Rebuild

Bio Reform 28 – The star of our Nude Therapies Line. The potent repair cream is loaded with 28 active high-performing nutrients that repair skin tissue, hydrate, tone, renew, and reform skin. Stem cells, growth factors, peptides work in tandem to revive your skin.


Cellulite Thigh Wrap (One to two times per week)

This extra treatment method is very effective in addressing cellulite. It begins with a very warm shower or hot bath to soften skin, increase circulation and allow for better penetration of the powerful ingredients.

  1. Use a hand towel and vigorously dry the area to be treated
  2. Wearing a glove apply an even layer of Ultra Exfole. Masage into skin and let remain. *CAUTION: This protocol is only meant for the upper thigh areas (knees to buttocks)
  3. Remove glove and apply a generous amount of Bio Reform 28 to area. Work into skin.
  4. Take a roll of plastic wrap, starting at the knees, begin to wrap around thighs until entire area is covered. Tuck end of plastic wrap under to secure.
  5. Lie down with legs elevated. Sip hot herbal tea or lemon water – breathe and relax.
  6. Remove wrap after 20-30 minutes. Skin will be very warm and moist. Rework the remains into skin. Blot with a warm cloth. Dry again.
  7. Spray with Peptide Spritz, tapping it into the skin. Apply a final layer of Bio Reform 28 over the Spritz and let remain on.

The purpose of the plastic wrap is of course to hold the mixture on and in the skin, but also increase the heat allowing for better absorption. The compress effect helps to smooth the texture. Support the protocol with a daily regimen of:

  • Peptide Spritz and Bio Reform 28 – daily
  • Ultra Exfole and Bio Reform 28 – nightly

A Personal Story:

In 1982, I operated a day spa and offered body wraps specifically for cellulite. Three clients came into my spa one day for this service – a grandmother (late 60’s), mother (mid 40’s), and daughter (early 20’s). The grandmother had no cellulite, mom had some that was slightly visible, and daughter was rippled with the “cottage cheese” appearance. During our conversation, I learned that grandma had been raised on the farm and had a steady diet of “real food” and performed physical work daily – regularly outdoors (fresh air) and getting lots of movement. Granddaughter was on birth control, had a steady diet of fast food and diet sodas, and NEVER exercised. From that experience I surmised, without a doubt, that this condition is not as much genetic as it is environmental and lifestyle. Whether or not I was on to something I decided that information and awareness about what we put in our bodies and how we move was going to be a key part of my cellulite program.

Lifestyle Tips

These lifestyle tips along with the Rhonda Allison Cellulite Reduction System will make a noticeable difference in your skin. For added glow and beautiful color, use Bronzed, our skin-replenishing cream that gives you a golden shimmer naturally!

  • Drink lots of fresh waterDrink lots of fresh water – if you don’t like the taste of water add lemon, lime or cucumber for flavoring. Get your 8 glasses a day!
  • Food choices – eliminate sugar and foods that convert into sugar. Avoid processed foods. Eat diuretic type foods (high water content), such as spinach, kale and watermelon. Good carbs such as sweet potatoes, yams, raw nuts and seeds, rice, and spelt.
  • Increase circulation and sluggish lymphatics – this can be done with more aerobic movement (brisk walking, swimming), deep breathing, and rebound exercise.
  • Massage aids in increased circulation and breakdown of fat – choose someone who is experienced and understands your issue.

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