Epidermal Growth Factor

Why select a product containing Epidermal Growth Factor?

EGF is an effective way to inspire expedited tissue growth and are the perfect complement to exfoliating processes. For your clients who have had microdermabrasion treatments or topical peeling therapies, Epidermal Growth Factor works in synchronicity with natural renewal processes to improve the result of such combination therapies. Rhonda Allison Growth Factor products are synergistically infused with various natural components that allow you to personalize your results based on your skin specific needs.

rh-Oligopeptide-1 (Epidermal Growth Factor or EGF) protein is found in the fibroblast cells of the dermal layer and aids in stimulating cells so that they produce collagen.  This is a very key substance that adds to the youthful appearance of the skin.

This vital protein is released by the platelets during the inflammation stage of healing due to injury or trauma to the skin.  The growth factor attracts cells to the injured area and is vital in the healing process.  This is a natural process that occurs within the body.  Epidermal Growth Factor provides topical support for cell renewal and wound repair.  As the protein is applied to the skin, all important tissue regeneration begins.

Benefits:  Epidermal Growth Factor increases cell renewal after any exfoliation and assists the skin in wound healing.  It is an excellent home care maintenance product in that it nourishes and provides support that slows down the aging of the skin. By topically providing the skin with this essential nutrient, the skin experiences a healthier outcome.

Epidermal Growth Factor is an ideal companion to any acne program.  As lesions are treated for bacteria with various topicals (BPO, sulfur, resorcinol, salicylic acid, retinol) the skin benefits from rebuilding support and continued healing which is exactly what EGF does – so consider Epideral Growth Factor for your acne clients.

REGENERATING CREAM – This is a cream formula that may be used for many skin types, but especially normal -to-dry skin or sensitive skin. Apply to skin daily for continued regeneration following the use of home care AHAs, retinols, BHAs,  L-ascorbic acid, or any exfoliating treatment.

GROWTH FACTOR GEL – The gel base is the ideal daily moisturizer and protector for an oily, acne, impure skin.  The gel is not as rich as the cream and absorbs into the skin quickly.  Smoothing skin protectors calm inflammed and irritated skin, reducing damage from free radicals. GFG is an ideal companion to any acne program.

GROWTH FACTOR SERUM – Excellent for use in the treatment room, GFS contains a higher concentration of epidermal growth factor and provides a silky sensation as it is massaged into the skin.  The additional antioxidants and essential oils boost the nutrient support for the skin.  GFS is very concentrated—a must after microdermabrasion, AHA exfoliants, enzymes and post peel.  This can also be just the right addition when customizing a home treatment program for problematic skin as it strengthens and thickens over-thinned, processed skin.

GROWTH FACTOR SERUM PLUS – This is the most potent of all of the epidermal growth factor formulas and has been boosted with additional antioxidants, essential oils, beta glucan and, most importantly, sodium chondroitin sulfate, derived from mucopolysaccharides.   Sodium chondroitin sulfate stimulates the skin’s memory cells and bolsters its immune system and enhances moisturizing capabilities.  The synergy of this concentrated ingredient with epidermal growth factor increases and enhances regeneration and healing and fortifies extracellular matrix.  This natural mucopolysaccharide supports collagen and elastin formation and strengthens the skin’s immune response.

ELITE eEGF – An Enhanced Growth Factor, this is the newest EGF formula in the RA line and provides all of the listed actions of the others plus much more.  eEGF thwarts ROS (reactive oxygen species), promotes cellular vitality, reduces wrinkle depth, promotes and inhibits specific enzymatic processes and infuses phyto-chemicals into the skin for comprehensive nutrition.  This formula will be supportive in the post healing of the skin and may be used by itself or in conjunction with the other RA Epidermal Growth Factor products.  It is also recommended as a key daily moisture/repair cream and partners beautifully with Peptide Formulas.

Epidermal Growth Factor