Sea Gems

Sea Gems

Sea Gems

Utilizing the most cutting-edge technology, Rhonda Allison’s SEA GEMS inspires healthy DNA mechanisms and enhances mitochondrial ability while “pearls” from the ocean (special strains from deep sea waters) combine to re-mineralize and protect skin tissue from DNA damage. In addition, Fruit Cell Cultures protect and maintain the function of skin stem cells. Great for all skin types, Sea Gems is especially beneficial for photo-aged and sensitive skins.


Mitochondria are the crucial components of cells, whose rate of decline dictates the overall rate of aging. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) damage increases the aging in humans, so instead of skin being healthy, it will exhibit the symptoms of aging.

A powerhouse mitochondria formulation, this unique compound is driven by a special nano complex for quick delivery into the skin, stimulating mitochondria support to fight against aging skin, wrinkles, tone loss, thinness and abnormal collagen accumulation.


  • Thermus Thermophilus Ferment Extract - assists in Lysine assimilation and ATP production processes, inspires healthy oxygenation, and protects from environmental stress
  • Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract - reduces rough skin textures, improves skin texture, and stabilizes lipid membranes and proteins for optimized skin health
  • Altermononas Ferment Extract – reduces negative skin reactions and irritations, assists repair mechanisms to restore damaged tissue, protects DNA from degradation and stress, and provides anti-inflammatory benefits


AppleRich in specific factors relevant to protect and maintain the function of skin stem cells, Apple Fruit Cell Cultures increase the protection of skin stem cells against UV radiation, promotes the lifespan of stem cells, and reduces skin wrinkles. In addition, these apple cells are known to contain metabolites which insure the longevity of skin cells.

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  • Reduces wrinkle formation and promotes healthier skin
  • Strengthens and protects skin tissue
  • Spurs on new cell growth
  • Reduces thermal temperature – excellent post care topical
  • Encourages healthy DNA mechanisms
  • Infuses trace minerals
  • Assists in the production of ATP (chemical energy produced by mitochondria)
  • Provides antioxidant support

Recommended Use

Apply daily, morning and night, after cleansing for antioxidant support to reduce wrinkles and promote healthier skin. For additional benefits, use with Growth Factor Serum or Elite eEGF.

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