Skin of Colour

Skin of Colour

A broad description for those with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, “skin of color” embraces a wide range of skin tones. 

"Treating skin of color can present unique challenges in the treatment room. Rhonda Allison is an integral part of Harlem Skin & Laser Clinic's practice because the peels  products drive results. They are safe, effective and superbly formulated."  Seven Brown

All skin has the same number of melanocytes (cells in the skin that make melanin) where variations in color occur due to the type and amount of melanin made by the melanocytes. In dermatology, skin is most commonly classified according to its propensity to tan or burn (the Fitzpatrick classification system) with most “skin of color” falling in the higher Fitzpatrick range.

I White, very fair, freckles Always burns, never tans
II White, fair Usually burns, tans with difficulty
III White Sometimes mild burn, gradually tans
IV Moderate Brown Rarely burns, tans very easily
V Bark Brown Very rarely burns, tans very easily
VI Black Never burns


A common misconception is that those with higher Fitzpatrick’s cannot receive facials or chemical peels – this couldn’t be further from the truth!  Although caution should always be taken when dealing with skins of color, Rhonda Allison understands that more richly pigmented skins face unique skin care challenges such as PIH, scarring, dark spots and ashy, uneven skin tone, and addresses this with highly specialized formulations to minimize any adverse reactions for beautiful outcomes. 


2016 Signature Facial SKIN OF COLOuR

An elevated treatment with all the sophisticated luxuries you’ve come to expect, Rhonda Allison’s 2016 Signature Facial, Skin of Color, safely addresses those hard-to-treat issues that are typically associated with skins of color. All skins will enjoy soothing hydration, essential nourishment and corrective support for brighter, healthier-looking, luminescent skin.



2016 Signature Peel SKIN OF COLOuR

Decrease the risk of unwanted side effects with Rhonda Allison’s 2016 Signature Peel, Skin of Color.  Using the synergy of advanced science and natural ingredients, this corrective peel gently, but effectively addresses issues typically seen in higher Fitzpatrick’s, brightening and evening skin tone, smoothing and softening rough texture and improving acne conditions.




Rhonda Allison offers a vast selection of products to address all skin of color to brighten skin tone, address scarring and acne, reduce the signs of aging and provide an overall healthier-looking complexion. Here are our top picks:

BETA GREEN TEA CLEANSER – With Salicylic Acid  //  An all-purpose foaming wash that cleanses and freshens skin thoroughly, reduces surface oils and enhances the cleansing of problematic, sensitive and rosacea-prone skin.

SKIN BRIGHTENING CLEANSER – With Kojic Acid  //  A moisturizing cleanser that helps brighten aging skin and inhibits tyrosinase activity to help control pigmentation once it has been minimized.

BRIGHTENING PIGMENT LOTION – Illuminating Toner  //  Key brightening agents partner with balancing and building nutrients to support skin during the cleansing phase to promote a brighter complexion.

MANDELIC ARGININE SERUM – The Gentle Rejuvenator  //  A corrective serum that rejuvenates and balances skin, minimizing excess oil and paving the way for healthy-looking skin.

CHRONOPEPTIDE A – 24 Hour Retinal Serum  //  A gentle corrective that uses an encapsulated retinal and intelligent ingredients, offering 24 hour pro-youth benefits for brighter, firmer, more toned skin; especially beneficial for photo-damaged, acne-prone and sensitive skin.

NATURALE’ MEGA BRIGHTENING SERUM – Potent Pigmentation Support  //  A powerful brightening agent with natural plant extracts and herbs for serious pigmentation maintenance; a non-hydroquinone formula that provide antioxidant and moisturizing support for sallow complexions.

BLEMISH SERUM – Acne Support  //  A blend of soothing and antiseptic ingredients to combat problematic skin conditions gently and effectively.  Enhancing purity and helping to clear skin blemishes.

GROWTH FACTORS – For Skin Renewal  //  Expedites healthy-looking skin, rejuvenates and assists in restoring and strengthening thinned skin, balances moisture while protecting from free-radical damage and produces pro-youth benefits.

C-PEPTIDE COMPLEX – Super Antioxidant  //  Combines the antioxidant support of ascorbic acid with the active blend of our collagen-boosting peptide for rejuvenating, pro-youth benefits.

MVC SERUM – Nutrient Concentrate  //  Blends the essential vitamins B, C, E & K with potent building extracts for a unique skin serum that nourishes, soothes, hydrates and strengthens for vibrant, dewy skin.

HYDRA COMPLEX – Skin Cocktail //  A light, all-natural, nutritious nighttime cocktail for the skin.  The antioxidant rich serum also offers hydration for pre or post menopausal skin, and balance for young adolescents experiencing abnormal skin activity from hormonal changes.

HYALURONIC SERUM – Liquid Moisture Drops  //  A pro-youth essential that helps lock-in high levels of moisture to increase hydration and skin elasticity, smooth fine lines and plump skin tissue for younger-looking skin. 

MILK MASK MIXED WITH SKIN BRIGHTENING ENZYME – Vitamin & Protein Enriched Cream and Pigment Paste //  A nurturing, creamy blend of vitamins, milk protein and brightening enzymes to soften and even skin tone, hydrate and soothe dry, inflamed skin for a silky smooth feel and brighter complexion. 

DAYTIME DEFENSE SPF30 – Broad Spectrum Face & Body Protection //The perfect environmental protection cream for all skin types; uses natural zinc oxide with a pure, clean formulation to provide antioxidant support without leaving skin white or pasty. 

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