Relationship Testimonials

Martha Dutton

Martha Dutton Skin Care - Arlington, TX

Thank you Rhonda Allison, I have been using your line exclusively for just over a year now, and my business continues to grow in this economy, what a blessing you, through your teaching, and your company and staff through their professionalism have been to me.

Stacy LeClair

New Serenity Spa - Scottsdale, AZ

Of all the thousands of skin care lines I could represent, I chose Rhonda Allison. I love the versatility of this line and the excellent customer service! Thanks!!

Lisa Halbrook

Destination Manhattan - Las Vegas, NV

Rhonda Allison...the best product line I've experienced yet! I've really seen amazing results. Looking forward to the Vegas show this weekend!! See you in the Rhonda Allison classes scheduled and the "Art & Design Of beautiful Skin"!

Muareen Virden

Reno's Best Skin Care - Reno NV

Again, I wanted to thank the staff at RA for all of their help with product orders, suggestions on certain products and their knowledge of their skin care line. They have been a wonderful support to my business and a pleasure to work with. I am grateful.

When I started working with my client, Pat Kerly, it was definitely a goal of mine to try and remove her very large brown spots (hyperpigmentation) on her cheeks. I had told her we may be able to lighten them but the results were amazing. I didn't even know about the contest until several treatments into it.

By scheduling her weekly treatments and her at-home regimen, the results were amazing just after a few weeks. Over the next several weeks her skin was changing not only by removing the brown spots, but the overall appearance of the skin was phenomenal; a more tightened and toned skin texture with a reduction in fine lines, leaving the skin with a more smooth and polished look with a healthy glow.

Whenever Pat would be leaving her treatment she would always get the greatest compliments on how much her skin has changed and how amazing it was. I have received many clients because of her great results.

On her final visit, which was actually her first real facial for relaxation, she asked me if I thought we could actually win the contest. My thought was "Wow, we could. This is really amazing." Her response was that it was ok if we didn't win the contest because she had already won. Then she said "You literally did take my face off. I am really thankful. I never imagined my skin could look like this". I then looked at Pat and said, "I, too, have already won"! In one great moment I had already won. That's what it is all about!

Pat Kerley can now cleanse her face, apply her moisturizer and sunscreen and be done.

Something she has wanted to do for years! Thank you Rhonda Allison!