Trade Mark Peels

Double Peptide Sake Peel

Blending two new RA formulations, Sake Peel and Vitamin A+ Peptide Peel, the Double Peptide Sake Peel balances hydration and sebaceous activity.  Great for all skin types, skin will undergo an amazing transformation, minimizing fine lines, firming slackened tissue, and improving overall skin texture.

Hibiscus Flower Acid Peel

Offering a new age for the skin, the Hibiscus Flower Acid Peel blends the next generation of  AHAs with an enhanced Azelaic Mandelic Complex, to induce cell turnover for renewed, freshened skin.  Helping to smooth and even skin tone and balance oil production, this healing treatment provides more hydration than lactic acid while offering strong lightening benefits.  Enhanced even more with phytic pyruvic acid, this soothing peel stimulates collagen activity, provides antioxidant benefits, gives extra support for acne, impure skin conditions, and is great for those with rosacea, sensitive skin. 

Hot Tomato Peel

Tomato has many naturally occurring acids and antioxidants – the anti-bacterial benefits make this a specialized peeling for problematic, oily, acne-prone skin.  This is a mid-depth peeling and the skin will experience mild exfoliation and increased healing.

The Wine Peel

This signature peel takes skin to a whole new level of health and appearance.  The layered blend of natural digestive milk enzymes and wine extracts create a serious peel that minimizes fine lines, reduces pigmentation, softens skin tissue, smoothes skin texture, and balances hydration.

Baby Boomer Complexion Peel

These are a range of specific peelings for improvement of skin discoloration, fine lines, coarse texture, enlarged pores, and dull, lifeless skin.  The appropriate preparation is selected, pre and post care is determined, and a follow-up skin treatment is required.  Skin will experience aggressive exfoliation for at least one week and the appearance of skin will continue to improve over the next several weeks.

The above Peels may be repeated every 4-6 weeks.